Junanne Peck


Monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints using simple techniques.

This Demo will provide a basic introduction to the use of the Pin Press and Etching Press in creating Monotypes. Observers will see how to produce a printing plate from an original drawing or design and will become familiar with printmaking processes, tools, and techniques using Akua inks. Drypoint and stencils will be explored.

Mark making is a term used to describe the different lines, patterns, and textures we create in an artwork. It applies to any art material(s) we use on any surface(s), not only paint on canvas or pencil on paper. A dot made with a pencil, a line created with a pen, a swirl painted with a brush, these are all types of mark making.

Junanne Peck is an interdisciplinary artist, with printmaking as her primary art form.  Peck is a Demo Artist for Akua Ink.  She is a seasoned educator and Teaching Artist in the DFW area.  Junanne is a TXO Artist (Texas Original Artist) selected by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Peck is a member of Women Printmakers of Austin and North Texas Printmakers Guild. Her works are featured in solo and invitational exhibits. Peck was also published in “Fiber Arts” Design Book 5. Visit Junanne at http://junannepeck.com