Murthy Mantha


Design and Composition


Murthy Mantha is a member of the Visual Arts League and held membership in many local and other art associations (Irving Art Association, Outdoor Painters Society etc.). At VAL, he lead the first LLELA plein air paint out when we first moved 


He learned intricacies of art from various teachers in India and through

self-study of masters works. Has attended curses from the Art Student League of New York.

Recently, he received 1st place in Irving Art Association Fall Photography. 


He is going to present concepts of design and composition that

are so fundamental to artwork in any medium.

He will demonstrate some approaches for division of pictorial space for

landscape paintings using shapes and values in watercolors.

He will also suggest some tips for painting from photographs without

being a slave to the original image.

There will be hands on exercises for the attendees.


Murthy Mantha

Murthy explaining to VAL' s audience the different ways to look at shapes and colors to achieve a better composition.


VAL members and guests listening to Murthy's tips on composition and design.