Sharon serrago



Sharon Serrago is a local area artist, teaching weekly watercolor and acrylic classes at her studio in Richardson, TX, a suburb of Dallas. As her teaching strength lies in design and color theory, her classes always focus on strong fundamentals. Sharon’s ability to quickly spot problem areas in paintings and her adeptness at offering solutions has caught the eye of many art clubs and organizations who have subsequently invited her to present demonstrations, offer critiques of members’ works, and judge competitions.

While she frequently paints realistically and in almost all mediums, oils, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, and collage, Sharon is most at home when painting abstracts in acrylics. Her firm belief is that anyone can learn to paint if he is willing to do the study and the practice that fine art requires. In her words, “when inspiration fails the artist, design and color theory can capture a painting headed toward failure and can pull it through to completion of an excellent work.”

Sharon is a signature member of Southwest Watercolor Society and has been accepted into numerous exhibitions including Western Federation Watercolor Society, Alabama WS, Georgia WS, Illinois WS, Irving WS, Houston WS, Red River WS and many others. 

With her foundation in design and color theory, Sharon gives her students the tools that allow them to stretch beyond the boundaries of “rules” and create wonderful works of art that truly touch the soul. 


"Ghost Walk"


"The Cavern"