Colleen Drew


Coleen Drew


As we prepare for the upcoming Fresh Ideas Competition and Exhibit Colleen G. Drew will be giving a demo as well as tips for photographing your artwork for submission. You will want to have a really good representation of your work to submit for the jury process for Fresh Ideas. Many of you also submit to other shows as well so it should be helpful for those too. She will also answer some questions about Cafe, the website that we use for submission. Please take a look at their website and have some questions ready! Entry will be open soon !!

Colleen G. Drew has been a professional photographer since 1986 and has earned through the Professional Photographer's of America the degrees of Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. She has taught the art of infrared photography through sponsorship with Kodak and continues with her own education through seminars and workshops. Before moving to Texas in 2002 she served as President of the local chapter of the New York State Professional Photographers Society. She has been volunteering for VAL since it was located on Fox Avenue and has served on the board and as President. She continues to volunteer being a director and curator of Fresh Ideas 2018 and 2019.


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