City Volunteer

Volunteer at the MCL Grand in the name of VAL

The Visual Art League has an agreement with the MCL Grand to provide 12 hours per week of volunteer time which pays for our classroom and gallery spaces.  All members need to contact Sarah Moffitt in the Grant office or call 972.219.8446 to see how to sign up to be a Grand volunteer.  When volunteering for the Grand, there is a book to add your hours and the organization (VAL) you are contributing your hours to.  These donated hours help us to fulfill our commitment to the City of Lewisville and our community.

Volunteers are needed as docents to The Grand Gallery during its open hours of 1-5 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, act as an usher at plays and performances, or participate in daily operations.    There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, learn more about local art and performances, while participating in enhancing the arts and culture in Lewisville. Volunteers have enabled the Grand to consistently and successfully present exhibits and performances to the community.