While volunteering comes with the territory here, so to speak, volunteering is actually an honor. You can show your support for the artistic passion in your life, do a good thing for the community and do it in a fabulous facility. You are a representative for VAL and the MCL Grand

The MCL Grand has great potential for exhibiting artists, produces a fine array of shows, and accommodates all kinds of events both commercial and private. The Grand is home to VAL and as such each of us is required to help out. Now is the time to step up and get in there and volunteer.

There are two types of volunteering we do. One is sitting the gallery during our own exhibits. The other is greeting visitors for other exhibits and to work for the Grand as needed in the office, or during other events, such as ushering. This is our way of paying our debt to the Grand for allowing us to use the classrooms in addition to the use of the art gallery for our exhibits.

How we approach our volunteerism makes all the difference. With us joined together, many times the task at hand is very easy. How you approach situations mentally and physically can make all the difference in the world. See volunteering with a new set of values; what you do will all make for a better world.


  1. Being a gallery greeter at the MCL Grand allows exposure for VAL, and it allows you to talk about your own work on a personal basis. .
  2. Word of mouth is everything…if you receive people in a friendly manner they will want to come back, and they will share the experience with friends.
  3. Introduce yourself and VAL , explain the theme of the exhibit, and be prepared to answer questions visitors may have.
  4. Get familiar in the beginning with the exhibit…walk around look for tilted pictures or name plates missing, and that the area in the gallery is clean. Get to know the art on display so you have things to add and talk about to your guests.
  5. Dress nice when you come; don’t be shy, visitors love talking to the artists. Visiting with you may be their most lasting memory of your art, VAL, and the Grand.
  6. You may bring a sketchbook to work on; visitors like to see artists in action.
  7. You may find it easy to walk a bit with visitors, but don’t crowd. If they have questions you are nearby to answer. Also asking a visitor what they like and why is always fun.
  8. Have visitors to sign in our guest list.
  9. If someone wants to buy a piece of artwork, call the artist for arranging payment and pickup after the show. If you can’t reach the artist, have them contact the artist directly to handle the sale. A list of exhibiting artists and their phone numbers should be available in the desk drawer.