Artists’ Connection

“Every time someone new sees or hears art, a poem, a book, a song or a film and takes meaning from it, the universe of possibilities expand in their minds. We realize someone else understands what we’re feeling, and that we’re linked to other strangers who share that understanding. Art is how we make sense of the world; how we derive meaning from chaos. ” — Gabe Valdez

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Other Artists (for those that have a different talent or have multiple genres) 

A recent Members meetup gathering.

 Starwood Cafe
Alfredo Santiago and Dave Redmond. Dave shared one of his many wonderful
poems with us!

Tina Alvarez, Paula Haynes and Darla Bostick

Barbara Hartman shared her
artist promo cards with us.

Val Corwin, Elaine Gray,
Maurice Leatherbury and Alice Agafon

Barbara Barnett, Jackie Haugen and Val Corwin