Volunteers are an essential and integral part of the Visual Art League.There are many volunteer opportunities available for you! To volunteer, please leave your information in the VAL mailbox at the The MCL Grand office, or attend a monthly meeting that occurs the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in one of the classrooms. Some of our volunteer jobs which are available are:

Join the member show committee for Intake and Striking of shows.
• Join the Fresh Ideas committee.
• Sign up to be a gallery greeter (see instructions)
• Provide refreshments at reception.
• Help take in art and hang shows

Volunteer at the MCL Grand in the name of VAL

Additionally, you can volunteer at the MCL Grand Theater & Creative Arts Center in the name of the Visual Art League.  These donated hours help us to fulfill our commitment to the City of Lewisville and our community.  Volunteers are needed to staff The Grand Gallery during its open hours of 1-5 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, act as an usher at plays and performances, or participate in daily operations.   For more information on volunteering at the Grand email Sarah Moffitt or call 972.219.8446 and say you want to “volunteer in the Visual Art League’s name”.   There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, learn more about local art, and participate in enhancing the arts and culture in Lewisville. Volunteers have enabled us to consistently and successfully present exhibits and performances to the community.

Remember: VAL needs you. Many hands make light work for all!

The Greater Lewisville Arts Alliance presents Angel Awards to outstanding volunteers who have made contributions to the visual and performing arts in our community. The Visual Art League announces their Angel, Paula Haynes. 

Paula Haynes

Paula Haynes has dedicated many hours volunteering for the Visual Art League of Lewisville, since becoming an active member in 2005.  She leads a monthly (ATC) Art Trading Card workshop and provides an interactive teaching experience to the visitors at City of Lewisville festivals.

 She coordinates the permanent collaboration paintings hanging in the MCL Grand building in Old Town Lewisville.

Paula studied for twenty five years to become a Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judge.  She judges flowers in States and local areas.  She also does program demonstrations to various organizations.

Love of the outdoors and conservation, led Paula to be a Girl Scout Leader for seven years.

Best of all, her passion for art has always kept Paula busy with all of the art mediums, and all of the possible ways to portray nature, on canvas.  Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, the imprinted love for nature happened there.

 She graduated from Central Business College in Denver Colorado.  She has lived and raised her family here in Texas for 47 years.