Serve on the Board or Committees

VAL Board

Board of Directors meetings are held monthly at the MCL Grand & Creative Art Center on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm.   The Directors perform duties as requested by the Officers of the Visual Art League, but generally make decisions and guide VAL to meet its goals and mission statement.

VAL Committees

Volunteers are welcome to support our activities by participating on a committee.  Some of the Committees and their duties are:

1. Gallery Exhibit. Duties include to coordinate all aspects of gallery exhibits including setting schedules and location, title for the exhibit, fees, awards, show rules and preparing prospectus when applicable; coordinate with receptions and publicity committees in a timely manner; provide coordinators for intake, hanging, and strike; coordinate all aspects of rotating exhibits within other areas the Art Center.

2. Off-Site Exhibits. Duties include to coordinate all aspects of off-site exhibits; arrange for a rotating list of exhibiting artists; work with local businesses and organizations to provide locations and discuss exhibit areas; and provide leaders for each.

3. Programs: Duties include to make arrangements for monthly programs to be presented at the general membership meetings, to provide necessary information to guest artists, meet the guest artist to help set up for program, provide information to publicity and newsletter committees, introduce the guest artist, arrange for payment as applicable, and provide a thank you note.

4. Receptions: Duties are to provide for supplies, entertainment when applicable, set-up, and take-down of receptions at the art exhibits and at the general meeting.

5. Membership: Duties include to provide current membership listing, produce roster, notify members when membership is expired, coordinate with committees for events requiring membership eligibility, deposit checks, and provide membership cards , name tags, and keep a record of guests at meetings .

6. Education: Duties include to arrange for instructors to hold workshops and classes, set fees, schedule space and set up; additionally, to follow up with instructors regarding needs and participation.

7. Monthly Mini Competition: Duties include to facilitate all aspects of the Asel Awards each month at the general meeting and any other named member’s small competition.

8. Newsletter: Duties include to work with other committees and the Board to gather and provide current newsworthy information in a monthly newsletter; design, publish, and distribute the newsletter; assign photography coverage of events; send out intermittent news blasts by email.

9. Publicity:  Duties include to work with other committees and the Board to gather and arrange for publicity of VAL events; provide newsworthy information about VAL to newspapers and internet sites; arrange for any other publicity the Board deems necessary.

10. Website: Duties include to coordinate design and provide current and pertinent information about VAL for the inclusion in the web site; work with the webmaster on the VAL Website.

11. Furniture & Supplies: Duties include to maintain furniture as needed such as exhibit pedestals; provide organization of office, reception, and painting supplies and maintain as needed; assist with coordinators to set up tables and supplies at VAL events.

12. Community Outreach: Duties include to represent VAL at various community organizations, businesses, and school districts and to encourage involvement by those organizations. To provide VAL information to those organizations; collaborate with other arts groups on special projects and events; provide pertinent information from other organizations and arts groups to VAL general membership.