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The Visual Art League (VAL) of Lewisville, Texas, resides at the Medical City of Lewisville Grand Theater Center for the Creative Arts (MCL Grand), 100 North Charles St., Lewisville, TX  75057. Monthly meetings and other art activities take place at the MCL Grand.  VAL’s activities are always open to visitors.      Be sure to check out the News Feed below for current information and our Upcoming Events Calendar on the right for scheduled activities.



                                                      A P R I L   E V E N T S

           VAL member Daren Fagan’s sculpture, Earth and Beyond, will be put in place during Colorpalooza!    April 14, 2018 fe263038-8c19-4384-b682-07c06acd4198



                    Mary Ellen Wehrli is the featured artist at Swirl Bakery

                   “Creative Art Works” is the title of her exhibit. 

                                 Reception April 20 5:30pm-7pm

                                    3634 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound, Texas 75022


                              MCL Grand Exhibits Current Shows



SHOWCASE:   “2017 Artist of the Year” March 7 – May 2 2018


                                          VAL Outside Exhibits

                   Tierney’s Restaurant and Tavern Schedule – 208 E Main St, Lewisville

                          February 25 – April 29  2018 : Sunny Rasche,  Wanda Grice,  Rache Smith

Greater Lewisville Community Theatre – 160 West Main Street, Lewisville

                                   Next play and VAL exhibit: “Sexy Laundry” May 11 – 27  2018 

                                       Art at  Swirl Bakery – 3634 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound

                                                  Artist:  Mary Ellen Wehrli

                              VAL Sponsored Free Adult Workshops 

Glass Painting Carol Stoecker instructor March 10 2018 at MCL Grand (Full)




                                      VAL Members Meeting  MCL,  March 13 7:00 pm    

                                                                                     Speaker: Janice Hamilton,  one of the 

                                     Master Pastel Artists of the World
                                                                                                 Janice 2018 AWOL
A Touch Of Red
                                        Subject: This amazing pastel artist will do a demo!



                                    Highlights of March VAL Members Meeting 

                                             Speaker: Suzanne McNeill

                           Lucy shared her love of sketching  with VAL members and guests at our March meeting.  Her presentation was a much enjoyed event.



                                                    March ASEL Award Winners 

Le Notley     Le Notley  –  1st Place



Carey Cox          Carey Cox  –  2nd Place


                                                     February  ASEL Award Winners 

Colleen Drew   Colleen Drew – 1st Place


Darla Bostick  Darla Bostick – 2nd Place


                                        January ASEL Award Winners 

Brent Boudreaux – 1st Place

     Diane Wright – 2nd Place


                      VAL Showcased at the “Art Local Event”  

                                                Springhill Suites, 720 E Vista Ridge Mall Dr. 





                       Highlights from the November  Members’ Meeting

Chuck Hendrickson 1sr VP  and Dulce Ruqué 2nd VP presenting the new board ideas for VAL incoming year activities and events.

Jackie Haugen introducing the guest speaker Millie Giles, who talked about the jurying process and how to win entry in art competitions.


                                               November ASEL Award Winners



                                          October ASEL Award Winners  

Colleen Drew 1st Place                                                            Christi Martin 2nd Place                                         ————————————————————————————

                                          September ASEL Award Winners  

                                                       Thanks to ASEL Art Supply for their support.

–               ———————————————————————————————————————

                                           August ASEL Award Winners  

                                                       Thanks to ASEL Art Supply for their support.



                                           June ASEL Award Winners  

                                    Thanks to ASEL Art Supply for their support.

Irma Murray Dulce Ruque Irma Murray 1st Place                   Dulce Ruqué 2nd Place

Winners of VAL’s Fresh Ideas 2017 Regional Juried Exhibit

                        2017 fresh ideas





                     Elaine Carver Show “TARGETS” at MCL Art Gallery  



                              VAL’s Urban Texas Juried Show Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Urban Texas Juried Show, and all the artists participating in the exhibit.



Congratulations to R’Lene Winters 2nd award winner in the 2017 Irving Texas & Neighbors Regional Art competition. Irving Arts Center exhibit thru Jun 3 2017. Irving-RLene Congratulations to our VAL members selected to participate in  the RCAS 51st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition at Charles W. Eisemann Center, Richardson TX from  April 26 – May 27, 2017


May ASEL Award Winners  

Thanks to ASEL Art Supply for their support.

Christi Martin

Christi Martin 1st Place

Kathy Maybury May 2nd

Kathy Maybury 2nd Place

                 Highlights from the May  Members’ Meeting

Lorraine Hayes printmaking demo.

                                                     Greater Lewisville Community Theatre

                   Maurice Leatherbury, Lorraine Hayes, Wanda Grice, Tina Alvarez, Chuck Hendrickson, Carol Stoeker, Darla Bostick, and R’lene Winters each are exhibiting “chicken” art for the current GLCT production of “Chickens, The Barnyard Musical”. Chickens



April ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.


Darla Bostick 1st Place


Dave McRedmond 2nd Place

                              Highlights from the April  Members’ Meeting

Mary Karem, presentation on digital photography on the cell phone. April Speaker


                                       Greater Lewisville Community Theatre

Maurice Leatherbury, Tina Alvarez, R’Lene Winters and Dulce Ruqué all exhibiting their art work at GLCT AprilGLCT


March ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

Linda Chidsey – 1st Place Lorraine Hayes – 2nd Place

Highlights from the March Members’ Meeting

 Our March meeting attendees were treated to a demonstration of oil painting by our guest speaker, Chris Brandley, of Keller, TX!

Thank you to Jackie Haugen for arranging for 
Chris to speak to us! Thanks to Tina Alvarez for the photos!


Springhill Suites VAL Pop Up Exhibit”

Springhill Suites by Marriott 720 E. Vista Ridge Mall Drive Lewisville 75067


Highlights from the February’s Members’ Meeting

Tom and Lisa Tansey of Premier Gallery were our guests at the February members’ meeting.  Premier Gallery is an art gallery and a professional frameshop.  Tom gave a great presentation on picture framing stressing the importance of proper framing of art both for protection and enhancement of the artwork. He went over proper framing techniques, the importance of acid free materials, UV protected glass, differences in moulding and the right choice of frame for your art.

How a piece of art is framed is an important part of the overall presentation and can make or break a piece of art being judged highly and being sold. Professional framing costs more, but can make a difference when the stakes are high.Tom also talked about how he would “rescue” frames from second hand shops and cut them down to reuse them. This is a great way to save money on framing. Cutting them down and rejoining does require the right equipment and skill, but we can also find second hand frames and then produce art to fit the frame as a way to save money.

Thank you to Jackie Haugen for arranging for Tom Tansey to speak to us!



Carol Petulla – 1st Place
Maurice Leatherbury – 2nd Place


The Medical Center of Lewisville has a new identity. So that means our VAL “stomping grounds”, the MCL Grand Theater, has a new logo too!  


Highlights from the January 2017 Members’ Meeting 

Tom Maddrey
Guest speaker, attorney Tom Maddrey, gave an enjoyable and very informative talk on the legal aspects of being an artist. He heads a legal group, Maddrey PLLC that specializes in legal issues facing artists. Tom has a gift for presenting and made what can be a hard to understand topic fun and non intimidating.  Not only is he an attorney, but is also an accomplished photographer, so is uniquely qualified to serve the creative community. He spoke to us regarding copyright registration and the need for it, setting up business as a Limited Liability Corporation and much more.   His informative presentation is available for download:   Law Tips for Artists Presentation by Maddrey PLLC
Please visit Tom’s website at http://maddreypllc.com/
to learn more about him and how to contact him should you need his help.
Thank you to Jackie Haugen for arranging for 
Tom Maddrey to speak to us!


10 Large String Sculpture2 reduced

ARTRAGEOUS! 2017 Avant-garde art exhibit runs through January 28th at the MCL Grand.  If you were not able to attend the opening, we hope you get the chance to attend before the exhibit closes.  Tina Alvarez and Dulce Ruque were curators of this very unique exhibit.

A Tina and Dulce presenting awards

Tina and Dulce presenting awards.

ARTRAGEOUS! exhibit winners

Maurice Leatherbury – 1st Place

First Place - Maurice Leatherbury 1

Carol Petulla – 2nd Place

Second Place - Carol Petulla

Daren Fagan – 3rd Place

Third Place - Daren Fagan 1

Rachael Smith – Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention 4 - Rachel Smith

Chuck Hendrickson – Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention 3 - Chuck Hendrickson

Christi Martin – Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention 2 - Christi Martin

Honorable Mention 1  Twisted Oaks, Colleen Drew


ARTRAGEOUS! opening night


December ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.


Alfredo Stantesteban, 1st Place


Lorraine Hayes, 2nd Place


Visual Art League hosting “Paint an Ornament” at the holiday festival in the MCL Grand Theater.

Unfortunately due to weather, many of the Holiday Stroll activities were cancelled though some were moved into the MCL Grand building.  This interactive “art” project was lead by Paula Haynes with assistance from other VAL volunteers.


November ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

Maurice Leatherbury Maurice Leatherbury – 1st Place NovASEL2ndtoo Patti Burns – 2nd Place Tie NovASEL2nd Carole Petulla – 2nd Place Tie


Don’t forget to visit the Swirl Bakery, see Darla Bostick’s work, and get something tasty from the bakery.

3634 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound

Darla Bostick


October ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

Pepper McCarty – 1st Place

pepper mccarty

Tina Alvarez – 2nd Place

tina alverez


Highlights from November 8 meeting

Members’ Meeting, 7pm, MCL Grand Theater Guest Speaker: John Bramblitt: Sightless Works – Painting john bramblitt John Bramblitt, originally from El Paso, TX and now living in Denton, TX, is a painter. And he is blind. He began painting after losing his sight in 2001 following a series of severe seizures.   He learned to distinguish between different colored paints by feeling their textures with his fingers. He taught himself how to paint using raised lines to help him find his way around the canvas, and through something called haptic visualization, which enables him to “see” his subjects through touch. He now paints amazingly lifelike portraits of people he’s never seen–including his wife and son.  website: http://bramblitt.myshopify.com/pages/about-us)



VAL participated in the October Bloomin’ Bluegrass Festival in Farmers Branch Texas.  Set up in the Historical Park Rose Garden, visitors created their own mini-art in the form of ATC’s (Art Trading Cards).  Thank you Paula Haynes, Wanda Grice, and Elaine Nienkamp. 20161015_141742


Beginning November 1st in the Lobby Showcase: “It’s A Small World” 




Swirl Bakery reception-1 Swirl Bakery reception-2

VAL member, Jackie Haugen is exhibiting at the Swirl Bakery in Flower Mound (southeast corner of FM2499 and FM1171) .  A reception is being held Friday, Oct. 14,  5:30 – 7:00pm



ART TALK:  OCTOBER 10, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Visitors welcome

Guest Speaker: Sara Miller



Sara Miller is a self trained fiber artist. She has been featured on the PBS television show, America’s Quilts Creatively, many times. Sara has traveled the US teaching and inspiring other art quilters with her unique designs and has helped them with her easy to use templates and methods called Sew Inspired Design System (TM). Please visit her website www.sewinspired.com to learn more and see her incredible range of fiber art. Her talents also include abstract painting and mixed media works which can be viewed at her other website www.saramiller-artist.com.


September ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

First Place Julia Rice

Second Place Pepper McCarty


ART TALK:  SEPTEMBER 13, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Visitors welcome

 Guest Speaker Craig Vandeman

“Ancient Chain”

This demonstration will show techniques used in making ancient chain. This type of chain was mainly used for armor in ancient times, but is used today to make beautiful, wearable jewelry today.

Craig Vandeman is a metals and jewelry artist in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He has a working studio in Dallas, and travels around the country participating in craft fairs year round. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas with bachelor’s degrees in both metalsmithing and ceramics. He has had work in both local and national exhibitions, as well as in several private collections. He teaches metalsmithing and jewelry at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas and in his studio. Website: www.vandemanstudios.org 


August 9: ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

First Place Robin Macke Second Place Julia Macke


ART TALK:  AUGUST 9, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Visitors welcome

 Guest Speaker VET

 Dallas artist promotes creative recycling of found objects

The Dallas artist named VET has added a fourth R to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto: re-invent.
Dallas artist VET

In her Deep Ellum studio, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces from discarded items such as  books,dolls, paper mats, purses and book markers.  Since launching her Found Object Studio in 2001, she has branched out to encourage others to recycle by offering nontoxic found materials for sale at her online shop, the Artcycle Club Store. Here she sells surplus items at low cost that otherwise would have gone to the landfill – used golf balls, paper beads, gourd tops, corks, coated wire, CD cases, microfiche, wood slices and rubber casters – which can all be used for art projects.    http://artcycletx.blogspot.com/



“Next? (Target Series)” (Mixed Media) by Eilene Carver

“Bloch Building” (Photograph) by Chuck Pratt
“Patrick’s Chickens” (Acrylic) by R’Lene Winters



“Remembering Taos” (Pastel) by Janis Krendick“Barber” (Oil on Canvas) by Benjamin Lester

“Shoal Creek Walkway” (Photograph) by Maurice Leatherbury

“Same Old Same Old” (Oil on Canvas) by Dulce Ruqué “Bathed in His Love” (Watercolor) by Jackie Haugen


Important notice.  Entries for the annual juried exhibit “Fresh Ideas 2016″ will be through the callforentry.org (CaFE) site. The first place winner of this exhibit receives a solo show in the MCL Grand Gallery in addition to award.

PDF of Fresh Ideas Prospectus

The Visual Art League of Lewisville (“VAL”) Texas is pleased to announce a call for entries for the Fresh Ideas 2016 juried show to be held at the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater art gallery in Lewisville, Texas from July 30 through September 10, 2016.  Fresh Ideas 2016 is the latest iteration of VAL’s long-standing tradition of mounting prestigious juried exhibitions of new art works that represent current trends in modern art. Shown in the beautiful 2,000 sq ft Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater Center art gallery, Fresh Ideas has been expanded this year to include regional artists to bring additional vitality to the Visual Art League’s exhibition series.  The exhibition is open to all visual artists who reside in Texas and contiguous states (Louisiana,  Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico). The non-refundable entry fee is $50 for non-members of VAL and $35 for VAL members for a maximum of three (3) pieces of work. Membership application forms to join VAL can be found at this site under “Be Involved” – “Become a Member”. 



Joyce Landry, Winner of 2015 Fresh Ideas Juried Competition and Black & White, A VAL Members Exhibit

June 24, Friday, 7-9, Reception

Don’t miss seeing this awesome exhibit.

At the art gallery of the MCL Grand Theater on Church Street in Old Town Lewisville.
The exhibits will be on view from June 18 – July 23, 2016.The admittance to the MCL Grand Theater Gallery is free and open to the public. The gallery hours are 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. There is ample free parking nearby.

Joyce Landry 1

June 16: ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

Linda Chidsey – 1st Place

Linda Chidsey June 2016

Christi Martin, 2nd Place

Christy Martin June 2016

ART TALK:  June 14, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Visitors welcome

 Guest Speaker Nancy Alexander

“Having fun with Colors and Textures using Acrylics”

During the past ten years I have studied art at J’s Art Studio and have been involved with workshops with my membership to the Art Club of McKinney. I have served as President for two years and have been heavily active for years in the Art Club. My art has been showcased at events sponsored by the Art Club of McKinney and placed many times at the Annual Collin County Adult Art Show. I have shown my work at several galleries and will have my latest pieces at The mARTin Place in Mckinney, TX October 3rd – 17th.

The nature of my work varies from medium to medium, but almost always involves lots of color and texture. Oils and acrylics are my favorite mediums to work in at the present, but I also enjoy working with pastels, watercolors, encaustic, and mixed media. My inspiration comes from many sources, mainly nature. Putting movement in my art is one aspect I really try to achieve.  Exploring and experiencing different mediums is intriguing to me because I like to combine different techniques and mediums to see what new and different images can be achieved. It’s inspiring to me; and with the process of experimentation, my art evolves into something unexpected. It’s really exciting! My art reflects my personality more than anything else. It’s bright, hopeful, and fun. age.www.facebook.com/NancyAlexanderVisualArtist   www.nancysvividart.com    

May 3 – July 2 2016 

North Wing Gallery   “Recycled Into Art”  

 ALSO  “ART trading Cards” in Showcase


FIRST PLACE: “Red Buffalo” by Nancy Lawrence (Oil) First place SECOND PLACE: “Prickly Pear by Kathleen McKailek (Pastel) 2nd place THIRD PLACE: “Texas Tapestry” by Lisa Chittenden (Photography) 3 place HONORABLE MENTION: “Kick Up Your Boots” by Kathy Maybury (Watercolor) Honorable HONORABLE MENTION: “Weathered Back Roads” by Pepper McCarty (Photography) Honorable 2

Special recognition is given to the artists producting the texas wildlife collaborative art work.  Artists are: Brent Boudreaux-Bobcat, chuck Hendrickson-Deer, Connie Nicholson-Armadillo, elaine Nienkamp-Javelina, Joni Thompson-On The Hunt, Kathy Maybury-Jack Rabbit, Mary Carradine-Loss of the Prairie (Fox), and Paula Haynes-Racoons A.M. Adventure

Texas Wildlife collabration


Sam &


VAL invites all to attend the opening reception and awards presentation of the “Strictly Texas” exhibit, Saturday May 7, 7-9 pm.  Awards will be presented around 8 pm.

ART TALK:  May 10, 7pm at the MCL Grand

 Carole Wolanow on Mosaics

Carole Wolanow grew up in Southern California where she was surrounded by mountains, canyons, mesas  and oceans. She moved to Dallas, Texas in the early 80’s where she found herself in a flatland with amazingly exquisite architectural landscapes not found in Southern California.
 Her Mosaic Multi Media art work is inspired by the beauty of nature and the cultures she and her husband encounter in their round the world travels. She uses broken china, tiles, stones, cloth and found items in her designs. Carole’s formal education is in Psychology and Counseling, and her business background was in the field of Human Resources  and Executive Search before her retirement in 2012. She enjoys the exploration of the artistic side of her life, now that she has the time to devote to these endeavors. She is available for custom design and can be contact ed at carole.wolanow@sbcglobal.net. Carole is a member of the Texas Visual Arts Association, The Texas Sculpture Association and the Texas Jewish Arts Association.

May 10th: ASEL Award Winners   

Thanks to Asel Art Supply for their support.

 1st Place Jackie Haugen
2nd Place Pepper McCarty     


See the Artwork in the windows at160 W Main St in downtown Lewisville

VAL members paint 3′ x 4′ canvases for the Greater Lewisville Community Theater’s (GLCT) to display in the Main Street windows for each of GLCT’s productions.  Chuck Hendrickson’s painting for the February play “Master Class” was much admired and was purchased by the play’s main actor, saving the painting from these panels’ usual fate:  unless someone wants to buy them, they get painted over with white and are repainted for the next show.

April ASEL Award Winners   

  1st  Place Lorraine Hayes

2nd Place Dave McRedmond

ART TALK:  April 12, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Rich Cimino:  METAL PATINA

Richard Cimino grew up in the Northeast and studied with Nautical Sculptor C. R. Clawson in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. He learned the techniques of fabricating three-dimensional copper images using a variety of metal-forming hammers, shaping tools and torches. Richard went on to develop his own techniques and repertoire while doing his art on a part-time basis. He entered a number of art shows in the 1970’s and 1980’s and gained much popularity along the East Coast from New England to Florida. Richard says, “A business career kept me from my artwork and only recently have I begun devoting full-time effort to my art.” Richard spent a number of years living in the Southwest before returning to the Dallas area where he has been a member of the Cross Timbers Artists Guild, the Oak Point Art Society, the Visual Art League of Lewisville, Texas, and the Visual Art Society of Texas (VAST). “I use a multi-layered patina technique to add color and realism to my botanical sculptures. This technique can require several days for the layers to blend and achieve the desired colors and tonal shadings. A neutralizing technique stops the process and the resulting patina is sealed to retain the color. Gold leaf may then be applied to highlight the edges of the flowers or leaves prior to the application of a final sealer. Many of the ideas for my work come from life experience in the high-desert area of the southwest. Items are kept as realistic as possible with significant attention to detail; plants have dimension and texture, fence rails go through fence posts (not behind them), mailboxes have mail in them. Initial drawings are produced to maintain appropriate perspective so that separate items do not appear out of proportion when displayed together. Preliminary models of the individual components are then developed. This enables me to fine-tune the techniques and procedures used to create the finished piece.”

ColorPalooza Fun

This event was such fun.  Unusual and artistic happenings everywhere.  Many thanks to the VAL artists who participated: Paula, Ruth, Chuck, Jackie, Elaine, Linda, Colleen, Daren, Nathan, Christi, Joanna, Lorraine, Connie, Wanda and Maurice.  Hope we didn’t leave anyone out.

ATC’s before and after

GLCT Theater Boards  The Visual Art League is pleased to paint theater boards for productions of the Greater Lewisville Community Theater (glct.org).  One for their upcoming production, “Book Club”, was on display at Colorpalooza shown here with Joanna who heads this up and Paula who leads the Art Trading Cards program.


Some shots of the chalk art in progress seen at Colorpalooza.

Coming Soon:   “STRICTLY TEXAS”,  May 7 – June 11, MCL Gallery

March ASEL Award Winners

1st Place Chuck Hendrickson


2nd Place Mary Carrdine

ColorPalooza no white background

Saturday, April 9 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Old Town Lewisville

Click and see more

Come participate with VAL at ColorPalooza.  VAL will have members creating in a variety of ways and joining in the fun with visitors.   This event will feature a wide variety of exhibits and interactive events with a “spring feel” for the whole family. Festival admission will be free, although some activities might carry a nominal charge. Visitors will get to show off their artistic abilities, watch skilled artists create one-of-a kind sculptures and paintings, marvel at colorful sidewalk chalk art, and learn how to better care for the Earth and make their homes more environmentally friendly. There also will be emphasis on interactive events for children, including inflatable play structures and creative arts and crafts stations.  For details, see http://www.lewisvillecolorpalooza.com/