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The Visual Art League (VAL) of Lewisville, Texas, resides at the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater Center for the Creative Arts (MCL Grand), 100 North Charles St., Lewisville, TX  75057. Monthly meetings and other art activities take place at the MCL Grand.  VAL’s activities are always open to visitors.      Be sure to check out the News Feed below for current information and our Upcoming Events Calendar on the right for scheduled activities.



Important notice.  Entries for the annual juried exhibit “Fresh Ideas 2016″ will be through the callforentry.org (CaFE) site. The first place winner of this exhibit receives a solo show in the MCL Grand Gallery in addition to award.

Fresh Ideas Prospectus



VAL invites all to attend the opening reception and awards presentation of the “Strictly Texas” exhibit, Saturday May 7, 7-9 pm.  Awards will be presented around 8 pm.

ART TALK:  May 10, 7pm at the MCL Grand

 Carole Wolanow on Mosaics

Carole Wolanow grew up in Southern California where she was surrounded by mountains, canyons, mesas  and oceans. She moved to Dallas, Texas in the early 80’s where she found herself in a flatland with amazingly exquisite architectural landscapes not found in Southern California.

 Her Mosaic Multi Media art work is inspired by the beauty of nature and the cultures she and her husband encounter in their round the world travels. She uses broken china, tiles, stones, cloth and found items in her designs.

Carole’s formal education is in Psychology and Counseling, and her business background was in the field of Human Resources  and Executive Search before her retirement in 2012. She enjoys the exploration of the artistic side of her life, now that she has the time to devote to these endeavors. She is available for custom design and can be contacted at carole.wolanow@sbcglobal.net.

Carole is a member of the Texas Visual Arts Association, The Texas Sculpture Association and the Texas Jewish Arts Association.


May 7 – June 11: Main Gallery:  STRICTLY TEXAS

May 3 – July 2:   North Wing Gallery:  RECYCLED INTO ART  

May 2 – July 2: Showcase:  ART TRADING CARDS 


 Art Trading Cards workshop, Saturday, May 14

1:30 – 4:30 MCL Grand, Room 3.

Tierney’s Restaurant and Tavern  

 Visit Tierney’s Restaurant at 208 E Main St, in Lewisville to view works on display by members of VAL.  Current artists on display April 24 — June 26 2016  are:

 Louise Flanagan,   Alfredo Santesteban, and Nick Weaver 


See the Artwork in the windows at160 W Main St in downtown Lewisville

VAL members paint 3′ x 4′ canvases for the Greater Lewisville Community Theater’s (GLCT) to display in the Main Street windows for each of GLCT’s productions.  Chuck Hendrickson’s painting for the February play “Master Class” was much admired and was purchased by the play’s main actor, saving the painting from these panels’ usual fate:  unless someone wants to buy them, they get painted over with white and are repainted for the next show.

April ASEL Award Winners   

  1st  Place Lorraine Hayes

2nd Place Dave McRedmond

ART TALK:  April 12, 7pm at the MCL Grand

Rich Cimino:  METAL PATINA

Richard Cimino grew up in the Northeast and studied with Nautical Sculptor C. R. Clawson in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. He learned the techniques of fabricating three-dimensional copper images using a variety of metal-forming hammers, shaping tools and torches.

Richard went on to develop his own techniques and repertoire while doing his art on a part-time basis. He entered a number of art shows in the 1970’s and 1980’s and gained much popularity along the East Coast from New England to Florida. Richard says, “A business career kept me from my artwork and only recently have I begun devoting full-time effort to my art.”
Richard spent a number of years living in the Southwest before returning to the Dallas area where he has been a member of the Cross Timbers Artists Guild, the Oak Point Art Society, the Visual Art League of Lewisville, Texas, and the Visual Art Society of Texas

“I use a multi-layered patina technique to add color and realism to my botanical sculptures. This technique can require several days for the layers to blend and achieve the desired colors and tonal shadings. A neutralizing technique stops the process
and the resulting patina is sealed to retain the color. Gold leaf may then be applied to highlight the edges of the flowers or leaves prior to the application of a final sealer.
Many of the ideas for my work come from life experience in the high-desert area of the southwest. Items are kept as realistic as possible with significant attention to detail; plants have dimension and texture, fence rails go through fence posts (not behind them), mailboxes have mail in them.

Initial drawings are produced to maintain appropriate perspective so that separate items do not appear out of proportion when displayed together. Preliminary models of the individual components are then developed. This enables me to fine-tune the techniques and procedures used to create the finished piece.”

ColorPalooza Fun

This event was such fun.  Unusual and artistic happenings everywhere.  Many thanks to the VAL artists who participated: Paula, Ruth, Chuck, Jackie, Elaine, Linda, Colleen, Daren, Nathan, Christi, Joanna, Lorraine, Connie, Wanda and Maurice.  Hope we didn’t leave anyone out.

ATC’s before and after

GLCT Theater Boards

The Visual Art League is pleased to paint theater boards for productions of the Greater Lewisville Community Theater (glct.org).  One for their upcoming production, “Book Club”, was on display at Colorpalooza shown here with Joanna who heads this up and Paula who leads the Art Trading Cards program.


Some shots of the chalk art in progress seen at Colorpalooza.

Coming Soon:   “STRICTLY TEXAS”,  May 7 – June 11, MCL Gallery

March ASEL Award Winners

1st Place Chuck Hendrickson


2nd Place Mary Carrdine

ColorPalooza no white background

Saturday, April 9
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Old Town Lewisville

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Come participate with VAL at ColorPalooza.  VAL will have members creating in a variety of ways and joining in the fun with visitors.   This event will feature a wide variety of exhibits and interactive events with a “spring feel” for the whole family. Festival admission will be free, although some activities might carry a nominal charge. Visitors will get to show off their artistic abilities, watch skilled artists create one-of-a kind sculptures and paintings, marvel at colorful sidewalk chalk art, and learn how to better care for the Earth and make their homes more environmentally friendly. There also will be emphasis on interactive events for children, including inflatable play structures and creative arts and crafts stations.  For details, see http://www.lewisvillecolorpalooza.com/

VAL Members don’t miss our Meet Up Lunch

Tuesday, March 15

  1:00 PM
    Swirl Bakery
3634 Long Prairie (2499)
Corner of 2499 and Main St/Cross Timbers)

Come greet and meet your fellow VAL members!
          Share art tips, all your secrets (not really!) and do lunch
dessert or just coffee!


ATC Workshop Sat. March 12, 2016
1:30 – 3:30 PM

Don’t miss this workshop on Art Trading Cards at the MCL Grand Classroom 3.  Everyone is invited and there is no charge…BUT there is lots of fun and creativity.  Any age and artistic level.  You also might want to checkout Jerry’s Artarama Art Trading Cards.

ART TALK:  March 8, 7pm at the MCL Grand


My art career began in college but was put on hold when I got married and started a family. Thirteen years ago, I was appointed to the Richardson Arts Commission that I served on for 8 years working with all kinds of arts groups. I attended every group that we funded and volunteered to help most groups by helping them with fundraisers to building sets for theaters and an opera. One of the groups that I worked with was Richardson Civic Art Society. Some of their members encouraged me to start painting and even gave me a set of paints to begin. A group of women formed the group WOW which I am proud to be a part of. WOW stands for Women of Watercolor. We participate in shows and hang in galleries locally, including the Eisemann Performance Arts Center. I love painting and encourage all to express themselves artistically. It is very fulfilling! Hope you enjoy my art!  Visit Jackie at: http://www.artbyjacki.com/home.html

North Gallery Exhibit:  By The Numbers

March 2, 8:00 am – April 30, 5 pm   

 Exhibit in the North Hallway Gallery representing all facets of numbers.  Viewing any time the builiding is open.


“The 5:00 Wakeup Call” by Alice Agafon

Bits and pieces of the exhibit.  Be sure to visit to see it all.  Artists are Alice Agafon, Maurice Leatherbury, Barbara Barnett, Alfredo Santesteban, Kathleen Mekailek, Christi Martin, Sunny Raschke, Wanda Grice

Showcase Exhibit: “Shoes, Hats and Handbags”

March 2 @ 8:00 am – April 30 @ 5:00 pm
Exhibit in the north lobby showcase with Wanda Grice and Joanna Kreuger. Viewing any time the building is open.

Don’t miss Acoustic Fridays at the Art Gallery

February 19  & February 26,  7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Come play or listen from 7 to 10-ish on Friday nights at the MCL Grand Theater, VAL sponsors this jam session so bring your acoustic instruments, voice and songs, any genre, or come, listen and maybe draw. We look forward to seeing you there!

VAL Lunch Meetups

Various members of VAL meets each month for lunch, dessert, or coffee.  VAL’s Meetup Lunch is becoming a successful event. Members enjoy nice conversations about art, exhibits and artistic opportunities in a relax environment. Tierneys also displays a rotating exhibit of art from VAL members. Below are some photos of the last meet up at Tierney’s Cafe.

Feb meetup 1 Febf meetup 2

VAL February Asel Award Competition Winners

Asel Art Supply supports local art groups with competitions.  VAL appreciates the discount certificates given to the 1st and 2nd place winners in their monthly mini-competitions. Visit Asel Art Supply

Feb Asel 1 Feb Asel 2

February 9 — Guest Speaker Morris Stein

 The Wood lathe as a Sculpting Tool


DESCRIPTION: Wood turning has evolved from an industrial process in the 1930s to an art form in the last few decades. I consider the lathe as my easel, the chisels as my brushes, and the natural colored woods as my paints. I create hollow form vessels other than salad bowls and vases. In an effort to push the envelope, I started specializing in subsets called segmented and ornamental turning.
With segmentation, hundreds to thousands of precision shaped pieces of wood are glued together to create an artificial ‘log’. By preselecting colors, intricate patterns are created before the turning ever takes place. Unlike inlay, these colors go through the vessel walls, and can be seen on the inside. My life-size Mariachi Hat contains over 1,100 pieces. I will have examples of segmentation as well as ornamental turning, which gets too involved for a brief explanation.
BIO: Born at a very early age.  Accepted into Bronx High School of Science.  Served in WWII, U.S. Army Signal Corps.  B.S.E.E. GWU.  Grad. work U. of MD.  Worked as computer pioneer, N.B.S., and U.S. Navy DTMB.  Taught 26 years at GWU.  Became wood sculptor after retirement.
Received Path of Achievement Award in MD 1999, designated “Living Treasure”. Award broadcast on CNN.
Invited to lecture and demo twice, and to display works at Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery 2002.
Exhibits at five other museums.
Advisory Council, ArtCentre of Plano.
Numerous magazine cover stories and TV interviews.

Congratulations to the winners of the “My Favorite Things” exhibit

1st Place: Irma Murray



Second Place: Lisa Chittenden


Third Place:  Darla Bostick


Honorable Mention:  Dave McRedmond


Honorable Mention: Mark Porter


MCL Grand Gallery Greeter

If you would like to support the Visual Art League by being a greeter during its exhibit through January 30, please go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0848ada62da1f58-myfavorite.  You do not have to be an exhibiting artist.

January 12 — Guest Speaker  Sheila Cunningham 

Sheila Cunningham is a fine art photographer whose photo-based artwork includes artist books, book art installations, cell phone photography, digital collages, and Polaroid transfers. She has an MFA in Art and Technology and works with colleges, local and national organizations to teach a variety of art, bookmaking, printmaking, computer and marketing courses to children and adults. widely published in books and national. Her artwork, project designs and articles have been magazines, and she exhibits in solo and national juried shows.

A look into fun and innovative book structures and the exciting possibilities they inspire for content creation. Does the structure fit the concept or the concept fit the structure? Experimenting with a variety of art techniques and different sculptural shapes and forms create unique one-of-a-kind structures where art and ideas pop off the page.

“A Few of my Favorite Things” Exhibit is coming! January 9 – January 30

• Opening Night: January 9, 7pm
• Venue: The Grand Gallery; MCL Grand Theater & Creative Art Center, Lewisville.
• Cost: Free; donations appreciated

We are proud to recognize Mary Carradine as our,

“ASEL Artist of the Year 2015″.


Mary Carradine


Visual Art League members support the Greater Lewisville Community Theater by painting show boards that represent each production.  The boards can be seen in the windows of the theater on Main Street.   These board were created by Joanna Krueger and Chuck Hendrickson.  The current production is She Loves Me running through Dec. 20.  Visit http://www.glct.org for more information about the theater.

VAL Participating in Lewisville’s Holiday Stroll
Saturday December 5th

The Visual Art League prepared an interactive art project for visitors to the Holiday Stroll.  It was great fun for everyone, particularly children.

DSC02014Start:   November 14, 2015          End:   December 31, 2015

Photos showing bits and pieces of exhibit, “Retrospective and More”, November 13 – December 31.  Artists exhibiting are Karren Garces, Jennifer Horn, Kathleen Mekallek, Robert Terrell, Pepper McCarty, R’Lene Winters, R. Dave McRedmond, Lambert Mathieu, Jean Mason, Christie Martin, Maurice Leatherbury, Kristin Basta, Elaine Nienkamp, Lisa Chittenden, Barbara “Pilar” Barnett, Betzy McBreen, Bree Smith, Kathleen Stringer, Lorraine Hayes, Wanda Grice, Valerie Corwin, Jackie Haugen, Tina Alvarez, Colleen Drew, Kartika Anderson, Sunny Raschke, Irma Murray, Linda Chidsey, Daren Fagan.  If you find a piece you want for Christmas, this exhibit has allowed it to be taken out of the exhibit before it closes.


Start: November 14, 2015 End: December 31, 2015


Artists exhibiting are Maurice Leatherbury, Kathleen Mekallek, Dave McRedmond, Lorraine Hayes, Christi Martin, Brent Boudreaux, Kathleen Stringer, Tina Alvarez, Jean Mason, Elaine Nienkamp and Betzy McBreen.


Guest Speaker Lynn Baskind on “Fabulous Frolics with Fabrics and Fibers”


Mixed media artist, puppeteer and storyteller, LYNN BASKIND, invites you to adventure with her into the realms of fabric and fiber creativity.
Lynn will introduce you to an array of puppets which she uses in her interactive puppet performances. Constructing puppets from scratch or reinventing bought puppets is fun and fascinating. “ There is a risk in not taking a risk in the creative process. Like cartoons, puppets can be hilarious caricatures – inviting unusual and exciting tweaks.”
Acrylics and their associated mediums, fibers and fabrics can be drawn together into exciting mixed media 2d or 3d artworks. Design, composition, color choice, line, repetition, scale and theme are essential considerations in collage creations.
Lynn and six fellow artists have studio space in the MICHAEL O’KEEFE STUDIO in Richardson. “The camaraderie of energized artists is infectious and inspirational.” At home, Lynn tries to confine her creativity to not more than 5 rooms!? She admits that she sometimes misplaces the sewing machine and her husband!

 VAL november photo 2VAL november speaker photo 3


Be sure to visit Lewisville’s new Wayne Ferguson Plaza located across the street from the MCL Grand Theater and Creative Center for the Arts.  Two beautiful places to visit.

DSC01738 DSC01745


Meeting new people and creating Art Trading Cards in the Rose Garden

Some of the ATC group participated in the Celebration of Roses in Farmers Branch October 17.  They encouraged and assisted visitors to join in the fun of creativity.  Everyone, young and old, seemed to enjoy taking a break in the beautiful rose garden and creating a card of their own imagination.

Some of the Art Trading Cards that were created.


Photos by Vanessa Lee Photography


 Dave McRedmond 

                        2ND PLACE – WANDA GRICE                       

Wanda Grice

Extremely interesting talk in October by Allison Proulx showing her work through the years from her experiences with animation pieces for Disney and other films to where she is today.  We thank her for sharing her expertise and the processes she uses in her work.

A Poulx 2 IMG_3751Vanessa Lee Photography


Guest Speaker Allison Proulx on “The many hats we must wear to survive as artists”


Barbie's Got a Brand New Bag


Allison has worn many hats throughout her journey as an artist in an effort to continue to make a living with her art. Formerly a Walt Disney Feature Animation and Hanna Barbera background artist in Burbank, CA, Allison has turned her talent to the canvas full time for the last 10 years. She recently completed her MFA at Texas Woman’s University majoring in painting and minoring in sculpture. Allison completed her undergraduate work at Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design.

Originally from the suburbs of New York City, Allison currently works from her studio at home in Mansfield, TX. Her work is in numerous private collections and has been selected for juried exhibitions such as First Street Gallery graduate and pop-up shows in NYC, Rising Eyes of Texas at Rockport Center for the Arts, K-Space Contemporary Third Coast National Show in Corpus Christi, second place in the Goddard Center Annual juried exhibition in Ardmore, OK, “Best of Show” two years in a row with the Visual Art Society of Texas member’s exhibition, and the VAST national show to name a few.

“I believe there is a universal impact of the media throughout the world, effecting people both positively and negatively. My work reflects my reactions and perceptions to the complexities of media’s impact on society. The manner with which information is presented is so fleeting that our responses have become fleeting as well. This blur has a numbing effect on our perception.”

“I use collage, with patterns containing established iconography that reflect the society depicted, and printed imagery from media and pop culture to serve as a societal subconscious. The representational, traditional approach to painting is used selectively to reveal and obscure the collage beneath, reflecting cultural identity and the present reality of urban living.”

North Wing Exhibit:  “Women of the West”

Running through  November 7 is an exhibit of  art with a slant toward western women.  The exhibit is varied and unique.  DON’T MISS this North Wing exhibit at the MCL Grand.


 “Kids Can Paint” and “Artist Trading Cards” – VAL at Lewisville’s Western Days